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Customer Satisfaction Measurements Should Be a Priority

Does customer satisfaction exist? No. Not in the HD repair industry, anyway. There are too many players, too many constituents, too many people that are not “customers” that influence the …
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The Demystification of M&A – Part 4.a. SOPs in M&A

Posted By: John Walcher.

In our previous articles, we broke down the numerous motivations from both a buyer’s and a seller’s perspective morn considering a merger or acquisition (“M&A”). Now it’s time to look …
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Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Provides Limitless Opportunities to Rural Business

In 2002, Chris Lindstrom started Practical Applications, a specialty manure handling and spreading business in Durand, Wisconsin. He managed a fleet of semis and truck-mounted spreaders designed to handle any …
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HD Repair Forum Secures Plans for 2020 Event

Plans for the third annual HD Repair Forum have been confirmed. The 2020 event is scheduled for March 24-25 at The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel. Registration will open in …
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Training or Development – What do we really need? Are you ready for some in-depth analysis

Posted By: Bob Greenwood.

Heavy Duty shop owners from coast to coast talk about training required for their shop. Consider the terminology “training”. This terminology creates a certain mind-set in terms of results desired …
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HD Collision Repair Task Forces Established at 2019 TMC Meeting in Atlanta

HD Collision Repair Task Forces Established at 2019 TMC Meeting in Atlanta During the 2019 TMC Spring Exhibition held in Atlanta March 18-21, 2019, “collision repair” continued its growth, as …
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Heavy-Duty Collision Repair Industry Conference Nearly Doubles in Year Two

Earlier this month, heavy–duty collision repairers, insurers, OEM’s and vendors from across North America made their way to the Historic Hilton in downtown Fort Worth, Texas to participate at the 2nd …
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Four OEMs to Speak at HD Repair Forum

Posted By: Jennie Lenk.

Houston, Texas, March 21, 2019 – Four commercial vehicle manufacturers have signed-on to present at the second annual HD Repair Forum. Volvo Group North America, Daimler Trucks North America, PACCAR, …
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Replacing Foams, NVH Materials and Other Products in the Heavy-Duty Truck Collision Shop

Posted By: Todd Mathes, Advanced Technical Service/Application Engineer 3M Automofive Aftermarket Division .

There are several functions that foams and NVH materials perform in the Heavy-Duty Trucks and Commercial Vehicles of today.  Reducing noise, vibration, and harshness(NVH) are the most obvious.  The performance …
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Axalta Coating Systems Brings Experience & Business Council Members to 2019 HD Repair Forum

Houston, Texas, March 11, 2019 – Axalta Coating Systems, a provider of OEM coatings for seven of eight North American commercial vehicle manufacturers and leader in coatings for collision repair, …
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