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Heavy Duty Repair Forum

HD Repair Forum’s Webinar Series features six-episodes of valuable content and information for the heavy-duty & medium collision repair industry

Episode 6 -Wednesday, August 25th, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. CDT
The RV Segment’s Collision Repair Challenges & Avoiding Costly Compliance Issues in the Refinishing Department
This two-part webinar episode will look at challenges facing repairers of RVs and discuss EPA compliance requirements in refinishing departments of motor vehicles

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Part One – Ron Kuehn, President, Collision Business Solutions
Recreational vehicle sales are at historic levels, and much in part due to the pandemic, travel therein is on the rise. Shop owners have been challenged with how to repair these vehicles for years and rarely know where to find the answers. With an increased level of accident frequency and minimal guidance for repair being provided, the struggle to get travelers back on the road persists. In the first part of this webinar…Read more here

Part Two – Tony Pendola, Ombudsman, Small Business Environmental Assistance Program
In the second part of this webinar, Tony Pendola of the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program will inform attendees about a new tool that will help most refinish shops avoid costly compliance issuesRead more here

Episodes 1 – 5 are available on demand for a limited time.

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* Note some episodes cover two separate topics

Episode 1 – OnDemand viewing expired

Robots on the Road: Outlook for Automated Trucking & Results Shared from the HD Repair Forum’s First Annual Heavy-Duty Collision Repair Industry Study

Episode 2 – Expires Soon
Achieving Code Compliance & Maximizing ROI in Your Paint Shop
Troy Volbrecht of Global Finishing Solutions breaks down the importance of code compliance for your refinishing equipment. Register for this webinar to find out how to be compliant, incorporate safety, and drive efficiency and profitability through the paint department.
Leveraging Repair Procedures During the Repair Process
John Spoto of 3M will illustrate how OEM repair processes and procedures used in the automotive industry can be applied to commercial vehicles. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the importance of researching repair information and the positive impact it can have on repair quality, efficiency, and profitability.

Episode 3
Evolve Your Business to Keep up with ADAS Equipped Vehicles
Is your business evolving to keep up with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) equipped vehicles? Today’s heavy-duty (HD) vehicles can include blind spot monitoring systems, radar/lidar systems, and trailer sensing systems. A network of technology that has turned a seemingly simple repair complex. The HD collision repair industry needs to evolve and adapt to changing repair processes, on things like steering gears and windshields, or be left behind. Attendees can expect to receive practical expert knowledge and recommendations as to what you should and should not do when you are faced with insuring, estimating, or repairing one of these ADAS equipped vehicles. Join Jim Barber, Director of Fleet Sales & Service for Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, on this month’s heavy-duty collision repair webinar and gain a greater understanding as to how these integrated technologies work on the vehicle, with each other, and where you can find information to perform a safe and proper repair.

Episode 4
How VMRS and Standardization Can Help the HD Collision Repair Industry
Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) is a universal coding system implemented by fleets and service providers across North America. The industry may benefit by integrating the system into regular use. Expect to receive an overview of the various use cases of the VMRS codes, including for the collision repair industry, and further understand the communication benefits VMRS can provide within your organizations and with your customers.
Additional Data Shared from First Annual HD Collision Industry Study
The second half of the HD Repair Forum’s First Annual Industry Study is ready to be shared! Join the last half of this webinar with TenPoint Complete as we continue to share interesting perspectives and insights on this benchmark heavy-duty collision repair industry data.

Episode 5
Adhesive Applications – Proper Use and Common Mistakes

Adhesives are all-around us in heavy-duty collision repair. With a variety of adhesives to choose from, understanding proper preparation, application processes, and evaluating when things go ary can get overwhelming. In this one hour webinar, Doug Craig of Parker Lord will provide information on adhesives that will enable straightforward, quality repairs. Attendees can expect a review of the various types of adhesives in the market and why they are used. Also to be discussed are several simple “tricks” to be aware of, regardless of the product you are using in the adhesives arena. Although this topic can get complicated, Craig promises to deliver the material in a clear-cut and understandable manner.